Melisma Ensemble performs sacred Byzantine chant – the music of the Eastern Orthodox tradition – a living, vibrant, purely vocal tradition, with roots in antiquity and a rich history of development through Byzantium to modern times.

Melisma is an all male a cappella vocal group combining some of Sydney’s finest chanters whose practice of this art is as much a religious calling as it is artistic expression. Intricate, ornate vocal melodies float through the audience, weaving a rich tapestry of sound, all the while grounded and held together by a powerful, enveloping bass drone.

Melisma debuted in 2012 with a sell out concert at St. Mary’s Cathedral Crypt and has also performed at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre as part of Sydney’s Sacred Music Festival.

Dimitri Koubaroulis, founder and director of Melisma, is a former Lambadarios (left chanter) of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, where he also co-founded the Archdiocese’s School of Byzantine Chant. Dimitri is dedicated to the preservation of the Art of Byzantine Chant and to its performance, promotion, archival and research. He holds a Teacher of Byzantine Chant Diploma from the Conservatorium of Philippos Nakas, Athens. He has performed with renowned Byzantine choirs both in Greece and Australia and is the owner and administrator of the largest online website and forums dedicated to the sharing of Byzantine chant resources and information worldwide. (See: analogion.com and analogion.com/forum). He formed Melisma Ensemble with the aim to bring the beauty of the Art of Byzantine Chant to a wide music appreciating audience. Dimitri is also a multi-instrumentalist (oud, kanun, saz) and performing artist specializing in the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean. He currently teaches Byzantine Chant both at the Sydney School of Byzantine Chant and privately.